2020 Is The New Decade that can Define Your Life

Dear 2020, 

Haven’t you arrived so soon? I am still reveling in my escapades of 2019, marveling at the beauty of our world. 2019 was a good year, with a lot of learning and experience that I am gonna implement in this brand new decade. I wish it hadn’t ended so soon. 

But wait “…”..!

 Before we take our first step into this new decade, just set back, slow down and grab a drink or some snacks and try to give it a thought. That this decade could be the one that defines your life if you have stopped dreaming.

Making 2020 be the decade that sorta starts with a crazy stupidly simple idea of having a vision. Vision is something which is beyond our goals, vision which will take you out of your bed every morning, push you to hustle to achieve something new every day.

Without vision this new decade can’t give you the result you want or dream of. The problem with us is that we think having a vision seems unrealistic, which is not designed for ordinary people like us, far too much to think of, and therefore it’s unachievable.

“Life without a vision is just a wish”

I know..!

This all sounds like a mumbo-jumbo thing, don’t panic if you don’t have any vision till now. Stick with me I am gonna try to break down what vision means and how to create one :

Why Many of us forget to have a vision 

 It’s not that we have never heard about the concept of vision; it’s just that we have forgotten what crucial role it plays in our life.

We get so caught up in our everyday hustle to make a living that we have forgot how vision helps us to achieve what we desire, and the way we wan to live. Bills that we want to pay on time, social media that we use, or social media that uses us and a TV, the menace that everyone loves to hate but can’t seem to live without. They all are part of the distraction and make our vision secondary.

It’s not our intent to be visionless or that we are stupid. It’s just the things that get in our way is stopping us.

I know a vision sounds stupid when you have a loan due sitting on your head when you just trying to make it through the day and hustling only to pay rent at the end of the month.

When we say, we should have a vision, lets’ figure out why we need one..!

What is a vision for simplistic people like us?

  •  A goal that is bigger than yourself
  •  Incremental improvement in your life 
  • Reason to wake up early every day
  • Plan to smile and lit up when you’ll start your day

The vision that has always been in my mind, but it wasn’t clear to me until now. If I have to tell mine in two sentences it would be like: My vision is to inspire the people through my travel and personal development. And I believe it’s not gonna change any time soon.

As you can see, my vision is easy to understand. I want to engage it through my travel and personal development. And “inspiring” part is there to remind me that I want to give back to society, and it’s my job to be helpful through my learnings. Sharing my ideas might lead a few people to make a change in their lives because I believe

change is the only constant.”

Goals are the small steps that lead us to our vision, so I chucked it down into the small goals :

  • Write one article in a week 
  • Explore and learn more to inspire more people
  • Stay fit and healthy and keep growing spiritually (mediation)
  • Start public speaking to let the world know beyond my written words

Also want my readers to stay fit and healthy and try to add value in their life. As you can see, my vision is not to land on the moon. Few simple steps that I have done from the past many months.

Now you have been given an idea of vision already

A vision comes from an idea. You have already been given the plan, and you will get more if you look with fresh eyes.

The idea that leads to my vision was through an established finance blogger in India with whom I still in touch, who shared his part of the story to provide financial freedom through his ideas. I believed that this could be the platform where I can express my learning and ideas, reach out to the right people who actually looking for a change. Although his plan planted the seed, it wasn’t the idea that was significant, but acting on it made all the difference.

I could have read his idea about writing and done nothing with it. By experimenting and taking action on ideas, you eventually lead yourself to your vision.

You may be declining ideas left, right and center unknowingly, or maybe be taking subtle actions like dropping the opportunity, hitting the snooze button every morning, or waiting for that perfect idea to be confirmed or validated.

An idea that’s gonna lead to your vision doesn’t need to be validated or confirmed. Only you can do that through the action you take and ideas experiments with.

Own your vision

Once you had a vision, the only worst thing you can do is make it dependable on another person. When you had a vision for your life, the idea is to own it.

Sometimes the right things are just in front of us, but we are clouded by so many things around us that we don’t give time to talk to ourselves in silence.

Today everything is running with the speed of a train, you can order anything or consume a lot of content on your mobile with just a snap of your finger yeah just like Thanos snapped, 

But wait…..”,

 I don’t want you to be “Thanos” but “Ironman” instead who had the vision to see the better world even in his last moments, before snapping the s**t out of Thanos.

That’s what the hero’s do; they inspire us to do something unimaginable, to take that one extra step; to achieve what we have always dreamt of; to take the leap of faith in your idea, that you have chosen.

There will be a blocker 

There are people next-level. These people will show up in your life out of nowhere at the very exact moments when you will be starting to act on your visions. They won’t be able to see what you can see, to the outside world that seemed utterly irrational or stupid, and it’s normal. That’s the universe telling you that you are on the right path. 

They will take there time to be with you and tell you that you’re crazy, stupid, or not good enough. People will try to drag you down with them. They have their vision, which is entirely different, and its not yours. Take their feedback, keep the lessons that you can, and stick to your vision.

Social media destroying us 

Today when we open our social media, all we look at “oh, he or she got so many likes,” “oh my good look he is traveling around the world,” “oh my god he got this and that,” seeing to those things we look to ourselves and think what we are doing with our lives and its like, that stuff is destroying us from inside.

 Envy, jealousy, ego, greed to be able to purify yourself of those things is going to elevate the biggest anxieties and depressions of our time and mental health problems. Because of social media, we consume more negative than in a lifetime.

How to avoid these : 

  • Follow the right influencers who inspires you and not the ones who just make you feel bad for yourself.
  • Make the right choices to consume the right content.
  • Follow your heart, we are configured to drawn towards positivity,
  • Keep a company of good people, those who help us to be positive and feel positive 
  • Busy your mind with concepts of harmony, health, and peace, wonders will happen in your life.

Live right now 

It’s completely okay if you don’t have any vision for the next decade. Now you know, and you can do something about it. You can do more with your life. Creating a vision can be a tool to create a tiny shift in your life.

It’s okay to follow your heart right now, rather than finding out later how horrendous life could be when you go down the wrong path.

This is the best decade to come :

There is one thing I know about 2020 and the decade to come; it’s going to be the best decade of all.

Technology will be helping us to solve complex problems and lead us to extraordinary changes. We’re going to need more people with vision and move humanity forward.

Sometimes when we follow our hearts, it’s not going to be easy. Start listening to the inner self “what is more important than the outside voices is the voice within.”

If you feel like your soul is being crushed every day, and you don’t feel happy when you wake up every morning. And you feel like there is something else you meant to be but don’t know what, it the sense of purpose crawling out.

“When something comes from inside of you, it’s not just a job; somehow, it compels you or gets you to do something unimaginable.”  

Be open to ideas. Take one idea, turn it into your vision. Let that vision inspire you to wake up happy each and every day.

Be present, forgive the past, express gratitude, and be kind.  

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