About Me

Welcome! Thank you for being here. The Entire Map is my window a window where i explore and write. Try to take you on an unforgettable journey in true, authentic style. Through my travel adventures, storytelling, writing or practically anything that can slow the time down for me.

If you’re here learn what the school won’t teach you. Personal growth tips to get fit and get smarter. Sometimes i write for my “Dear Strangers” who visit this page. I pick one place to stay their long enough to find hidden gems because the longer you stay the more you can connect and explore more often, i guess that’s what motivates me to keep writing for you guys.


The idea of The Entire Map was hatched when I moved out to the west part of my country and regretted not exploring more of my hometown I had lived in for most of my life. I think It’s easy to get comfortable and take your home for granted. So I wanted to practice finding adventure in my everyday life and open my eyes to the awe and wonder like my visitors do, “yes, the same way you do”. Since then, this IT guy and a part time travel blogger travelling partially full-time 😅 with a focus on exploring locally or in my greater backyard.

I am always gonna keep updating this “about me” section in a while as my idea of travelling, writing and exploring is gonna keep evolving. As we all know we evolve each and every day. We ain’t the same like we were three years back. That’s who we are “we evolve”.

So evolving doesn’t mean my ideas and goals are going to change, but they are gonna keep evolving.


  • to be grateful for whatever circumstances we find our lives in and don’t care about what people think.
  • to be nice and kind because money is not the only important thing.
  • to see our hometown, state, or country with fresh eyes.
  • to be open to new experiences and take baby steps outside our comfort zones..


I want to do a major impact and how much footprint i can leave on earth before i leave. By reading my blog or making a purchase using any of my affiliate links, you are helping support.

I will start small but my goal is that 15% of my profit will go to giving back. I’m not quite there yet, but maybe soon when i will start earning.