My Way Back Home

There’s always been a lot of debate around whether travelling really has the power to change you – to question your beliefs, to throw you out of your comfort zone, a path to find yourself, to mould you into a completely different person. Most of us like to believe it does. Let’s find it till the end of it…

Rishikesh a valley in between the mountains, a beating heart and soul of land of gods, Uttarakhand.

A City view from the top

Throughout the history species thrived and gone extinct, civilisation came and then destroyed but the river and these mountains they have seen it all. 

If you’re new here my name is Vipul and mountains my home, 

“I believe that before one, takes a step outside into the paths unknown, one must truly understand where he belongs.”

And the way I understood that, when I moved out to the west part of my country and regretted not exploring more of my hometown where I had lived in for most of my life.

For others Rishikesh could be just, a tourist destination or the yoga capital of the world but for me its not just a place its an emotion. A place where I spent my childhood wondering what lay beyond the mountains I could see from my rooftop.


Rishikesh a valley at the base of the Himalayas, a place where river Ganga leaves the Hills and flows into the plains of northern India. A centre of religious and spiritual activities since ancient times, let’s keep this talk for another time.

You’ll discover landscapes so unimaginable, you’d think you’ve landed on Heaven

In the few years Rishikesh has turned from this Lazy old town to this bustling tourist destination. When you see it for the first time it’s a whole different story, you can can sense the true essence of spirituality and positivity around you. 


A beautiful weather, beautiful people and beautiful landscape and then at the same time there is the other side to Rishikesh its famous adventurous sport, river rafting, bungi-jumping, camping and a lot more adventures.

River Rafting

Well I believe if we look close enough river and these mountains can give us the answer to all our problems.

“Together they both teach us the biggest lesson of life – keep going until you reach your goal; until you find your purpose. There will be problem, there will be hurdles, there will be barrier – but you should learn to make your way through it and move on.”

compel you to reconnect with the poet in you

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The longer you stay, the more you look for deeper connections

This is hope and this where I start my journey to the little valley of the northern india. While living in the valley during winters surrounded by mountains gives you the sense of calmness inside. The mountain breeze freeze you from the pain & sorrow and fills you up with this unreal happiness.

A camping around hills and near the river is just half an hour ride from Rishikesh. My love for long walk on mountain hills is immense, where I can do whatever my heart feels like I never get tired of it. While Sitting on the cliff admiring the beautiful city view in an utter silence, in that moment it feels like nothing will matter in the end everything is just chaos, except love, love for this moment and moment alone.

Favourite part of camping for me is you get to meet stranger folks, talking and sharing stories all night in an open sky. Sitting near the river side under the stars with the burning bonfire all night.

To me winter is a little more stress free time of the year everything is quiet and surreal, people usually wake-up a bit late as compared to summers.

A ray of hope

If you’re an early morning person like me, you can see and feel the true essence of the nature. When sun rising behind the mountains its first ray touching your skin giving you the sense of warmth. While sitting at the bank of river closing your eyes, listening to the sound of nature can be the most satisfying sound to hear sometimes. And it’s in utter silence that you hear the reflections of your beautiful mind-the beautiful stories it houses.

We Owe Everything to the nature

Those beautiful flower, sparkling streams and the mighty snowy speaks of mountains. Everything we get to cherish around is blessing in the form of nature’s gift. 

“we run towards nature to seek peace and calmness but end up ruining it”

People from all over the world are seeking for the peace and calmness in the womb of nature but in the search of that we sometimes end up disturbing the environment. Please don’t ruin it

Look around to find yourself 

We don’t have to travel to find ourselves or to escape from problems, we can’t forever run away from those problem. But If you still feel like getting away from your current situation then go to a place where you’ve spent the happiest years of your life or a place that makes you happy. Spend some time with your loved ones and reach out to them. Sometimes being heard can make all the difference.

In todays time I think we are more hooked to gadgets, laptops, social media and junk food thats what became our world actually, we have lost the true nature of ourselves. 

I see people are posting depressing content online and how million are liking them. It’s suffocating to see that people celebrating the sadness more than happiness.

The idea of travel should not just involve moving from one place to the other, it should also evoke the sense of accomplishment in any big or small way. 

So when we ask if travelling can change us, we should really be asking, do we want our travels to change – or challenge – us?

“Travel for a purpose, because that makes the life more fulfilling.”

If you just want to travel for that perfect selfie or that perfect picture on edge of some cliff.. then you might end up in the queue like others who are just waiting for their turn to click picture. 

Travel isn’t about scoring a few more likes on Instagram, or making someone jealous. It’s about finding your purpose, your life philosophy, your perspective. It’s about being true to yourself.

I have always felt a strong connection with the mountain and a longing to go back home, to go back and explore my own backyard with the fresh eyes. You can say this my quest for redemption, my path to inspiration, a test to spirituality, a way to become young fool again because this is my way back home.

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